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Stock Exchange

Some kind of teaser.

Occupy Wall Street

The project you can see in here handles as core issue the actual happening of the movement Occupy Wall Street. During intense research, the context of the Anonymous movement and the resulting Occupy movement have been set in reference. The Occupy Wall Street movement is a protest campaign, were activists all around the world fight against social inequality, Speculative transactions by banks and the economic influence in politics.
The protesters refer themselves to be the 99% who stand against the rich 1% percent of the public, despite limited Members in the movement.

As emblem of this movement serves the Guy-Fawkes-Mask for the Anonymous-activists. By contemplating the historic person Guy Fawkes , many analogical to the actual happening occur. Guy Fawkes was an English catholic officer, who tried to assassinate King Jacob the first, at the fifth November of 1605. His co-conspirators betrayed him and he were convicted to hang after days of torture. Fawkes did not confess, despite the torment.
A written document reports, that Guy Fawkes killed himself by jumping off the gallows podium before the hangman could execute the judgment. To keep the failure of the so called "Gunpowder Plot" in memory, people in many places in England celebrate the Bonfire Night with traditional fireworks and torch fire processions.

Guy Fawkes is therefore a symbol of unrighteousness, courage and truthfulness. Abilities which are rare to find nowadays, but getting reflected by the Anonymous group and the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

The realization of the project has been visualized with the Computer game "Grand Theft Auto IV - Liberty City". The subsequent Machinima was additionally improved by real takes, reports and film-cuts. This composition of different medias brought the requested result, that this project acts as an motion picture.

The main character of the game acts in the Machinima as protagonist. He abominates his work as a banker, suffers of insomnia and is heavily under stress.

The viewer awaits a mind play full of action, were the shocking truth about the banking system will be revealed...