A good old NES controller.

Tebartz Interactive Movie

Some kind of teaser.

The Call of Tebartz

My machinima is about a current topic in Germany. It’s about
the bishop of Limburg Franz Peter Tebartz van Elst who is involved
in an affair.

He has been accused for wasting public fonds for building an overpriced residence. The amount of money he spend is more
than 31 mio Euros. After an audience with the people,
Tebartz moved to Metten in Bavaria to take a time out.
From time to time he visits Limburg.

A fact-finding commission finaly gave their report about the affair to pope Franziskus. He will decide what will happen to Franz Peter Tebartz van Elst.

The idea is an interactive movie. It is possible for the user to control a part oft the video. The first part is an explanation of the situation so far. Interviews will give you a summary of the citizens opinion regarding to the affair. The last part takes place in the future. Will the bishop change ? Will he continue his fancy lifestyle or learn from his mistakes he did in the past. It is up to the user.

For the intoduction movie I used found footage on Youtube. For the rest of the video I used the game Sims 3 and Saints Row the Third. Both games already include a video record mode.