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Awkward Adventures

There it is. The Day you finally bought your very first Pokémon-Game for your Gameboy. You were going to waste hundreds of hours. No matter if you're at home, in breaks between classes, or even IN class. You were going to rape that A-Button into oblivion until you cought them all and became the greatest Pokémon Master west of Azuria City.
And as soon as you took your first Step on your long Journey to become a Legend among Trainers, you had to find out that the World of Pokémon is messed up beyond repair. It is a fascinatingly awesome place. And at the same time it is completely and utterly insane. At the time you were probably too young to comprehend the full scale of it's madness. Only when you grew older you started to question the decision making process of the Pokémon-developers alongside their mental sanity:
-„Where the fuck do these people get their electricity from? - The only Power-Plant in THE WORLD seems to be an anarchistic wonderland, ruled by - what could be considered as a terror spreading street gang, consisting of electric Pokémon."
„Why is that policeman, investigating the robbery too stupid to take a look at the garden where the robber is still sitting around and jerking off?"
„Is it okay for a Vegetarian to eat a Plant-Pokémon?"
...And by that note.... „Are Pokémon eating each other or how does the food-chain work in this World?"
My personal favorite though is probably the most controversial:
„Are all Pokémon-Trainers in the entire World mentally handicapped? Think about this for a second. All Pokémon Trainers except for me and my blood bound Rival are just standing around at weird places, swimming in the ocean, or waiting in caves for someone to pass by and challenge them for a fight. One of these special caves can also be suspected to be completely dark until I lit it up myself by a SINGLE FLASH OF LIGHT, saving every lost soul in this eternal darkness from starvation in the process... And how do they thank me? By trying to kick my ass in a Pokémon fight! Which also makes you wonder about the importance of parental supervision since most of the Trainers you're facing are supposed to be around the age of 12. And still... I think we should consider ourselves lucky if we are even able to find our way out of this hellhole without some serious injuries, but if you really want to battle my level 38 Charizard with your Zubat first,.... well.... that's ok... I guess.

The more you think about this stuff, the more questions will be raised. That's for sure. But overall it's save to assume that the World of Pokémon is just Batshit crazy and messed up... And I fucking love it.

Pokémon - Awkward Adventures pays tribute to these weird encounters of my childhood. Its purpose is, to combine the twisted Pokémon-Logic with some otherwise serious real-life issues.
My Goal is to take some Real Life events that are allready discussed to Death, and transfer them into the 2-Dimensional World of Pokémon where the outcome of these events would not only be simpler, but also quite random and at least, much more entertaining than it is in our reality.
Awkward Adventures is an ongoing Machinima-Web-Series, not only following the Trend of other continuously produced web-serials, but also following the style of an episodic storyline, which is tied together by running gags and recurring events. The Style and Artwork is completely based on the original Pokémon-Games for the Nintendo Gameboy. Character-Models and Background are only slightly modified to Match the 16:9 Internet Format, but are animated manually to have full Artistic Control,. Everything in "Awkward Adventures" looks exactly like it looked in the original Pokémon Games. Everything added to the „Game-Engine" looks like it would most likely look like in the Original Pokémon Games if the Designers ever decided to add a „Gun-Feature" to their Game... which would've added a whole new level to the Art of catching Pokémon.
Everything is designed to capture the authentic Pokémon-feeling by copying the animation style as closely as possible and paying special attention to the use of Music and Effects.
I chose this „trendy" Youtube-Format because I wanted to take the Spirit of Pokémon - which was a crucial and time-consuming part of my Childhood and elevate it to this new and modern Viral Video-Format, which continues to be a crucial and time-consuming part of my Life today.