A good old NES controller.

Nuclear Power Station

Some kind of teaser.

Functions, Disasters and Consequences

The Machinima “Nuclear Power Station”, is about the functions of a nuclear power station, the disaster in Fukushima right up to the grave consequences, that should galvanize the bystander and point out how dangerous we manufacture our electricity.

Normal reportages show either, how a Nuclear power Station is constructed, or current catastrophes, just like last year the disaster beyond all expectations in Fukushima. In contrast, this Machinima is for both sources: It tells a Story. Starting with the explanation, how exactly electricity is produced in such a nuclear power station. With an elegant transition to a breakdown with disaster, right up to the serious matters – People die because of the outbound radiation at the nuclear disaster. Machinima should galvanize with the sorrowful ending, and demonstrate us, how the specific consequences might look like and that it could happen anytime.